Electronic Game Calls

GooseGetter Electronic Snow Goose E-Caller

Hello Fellow Snow Goose Hunter,

My Name is Dave Glass and I live in Hastings, NE.  Right on the edge of the Nebraska Rainwater Basin in south central Nebraska. I made my first snow goose E-Caller in 1998. Since then, I have produced over 3200 Electronic Snow Goose Callers.  Over the years, I have made many improvements and changes to get the my electronic callers to where they are today.

This year, we are introducing a brand new electronic game call to the line up.  The GooseGetter “BLUE” Unit. Be sure to check it out on this website.

Goosegetter E-Callers get a lot of testing. We snow goose hunt from February 10 till about the 1st of April. 4 days a week from 2 spreads. I’m always looking for the next improvement. My Calls are used by many of the top snow goose guides around the country.

Please give me a call with any questions or just to talk Snow GooseN’.

Thank You for considering Goosegetter E-Callers.